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Bald & beautiful

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Hairy keeping Matt Kelley company

There was an article today in The New York Times about a man named Matt Kelley who has an autoimmune disease called alopecia areata.

He’s bald. All over.

Now while us Sphynx cats think being bald is way cool, most humans do not like it,  and so instead of feeling special they feel bad about themselves.

Matt felt bad, for a long time, but he’s feeling better now with a little help from his cat, Hairy. In fact, he’s feeling so much better that:

  1. He’s planning to become a therapist and help other people with similar problems find self acceptance; and
  2. He is adding to his family of hairless critters. We think that is a swell plan.

Good luck Matt! You look great to me.





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Yep. That’s how my bath went. I purred and purred while Mom washed me with a big soft mitt and some Cetaphil lotion.

I think she was more scared than I was. Well, she was smart, because she brought in a little bitty bowl of food and gave me a few bites before she plopped me in the tub. I will do ANYTHING for food.

Then I got all snuggly in a big towel with some pretty paw prints on it. Then a rub down with a tiny bit of Neutrogena body oil.

Hey, maybe I could be a spokesmodel! Or work for Allure magazine. I think I use more beauty products than my Mom.

Anyway…Even my toenails got clean! Look how pretty I am! I must smell good too. Mouse was very happy to see me.


Mochy snuggles with Mouse after her bath

Love ,



Ssssh: Don’t tell anyone but I think Ray is gonna have a bath next. At least his feet. They smell like Doritos.

Beauty & the Beast

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ray and mochy

Hi Everybuddy,

It’s me, Mochy. I know I haven’t written in a few days, but I have been very busy.

First of all, I have discovered the toy chest. I don’t know why she has to put all the GOOD toys at the bottom so I have to DIG them OUT, but there you go.

Then, I have been TRYING my best to make friends. Mouse has been a gentleman, of course; even Coco has been sweet to me. But Ray…well, I can’t figure him out. One minute he acts like he likes me, then next minute he’s pushing me OUT of the bed. Oh well. I am TRYING to be patient.

Maybe he doesn’t think I’m pretty. Well, that is going to change, you watch. Mom talked with a Sphynx breeder at the cat show the other day, and asked her about giving me a B-A-T-H. The woman told my Mom to treat me just like she would her own face. Mom asked whether that meant seeing Dr. Baker about a facelift. HAHA. Very not funny.

But today, when Mom went to see the dermatologist, she got a whole bunch of samples of stuff for sensitive skin. She told her doctor she was bringing them home for ME. The doctor laffed and laffed. (The Doc is a crazy cat lady so she totally got it.) Anyway, now Mom is talking about “Saturday is spa day.”

I wonder what that means exactly? I wonder if it will make Ray love me more. I know he likes girls with wrinkles because he loves his Mom.