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I love my little calendar girls!

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Nap time

Hi Everybody,

Mochy here.

While I was hanging out in the window the other day, I had an idea! (Hey, I wasn’t sleeping, I was thinking!) And here’s what I was thinking about:

As many of you know, some of our friends’ Moms are doing a 3 day fundraising walk for breast cancer in San Francisco this October. Our Mom can’t go on the walk, but she wants to lend a hand, or a foot–tee hee, and raise some money, especially for the folks who need a bit more to reach their goal.

So, Ray and Coco and Mouse and I had this great idea of giving away a copy of the famous  2011 Workman Page a Day Cat calendar!
As you can see, this is not an easy item to come by,  but we  just happen to have 8 copies that we are donating to the cause. Eight AUTOGRAPHED copies.

How cool is that? So, you in?

How it works:

Make a donation to the team.

Then write and tell me that you did it.

The first 8 people who make a donation will receive their special copy of the calendar. This is an honor system, so be honorable.

Got it? Good.




The following picture of Coco and Daisy is NOT in the  2011 Calendar although it should be.

Beach blanket bonkers

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  1. Ah, memories. At least Coco looks like she’s enjoying herself.

  2. Mochy, we would like to have a calendar with just you and Coco on it please.

    This is a nice thing that you are doing to help raise money for the 3-day walk.

  3. Deer mochy,
    Wutta nice thing yer doin fer mi mom and da mom uv skeezix da cat. Wen mi mom getz home frum da grate state uv massachoozetz she will be so eksitid she will be jumpin up an down.
    Luv-yer frend- jh

  4. WOWZA! This will really help since the FL SUKS at funrazing, and her latest brite idea was to cut the ded skins off her paw ware the blister ternd into an absess and auction it off on eBay like Curly did with his furs. That’s win Mr TF sugjested she cut bak on her pane medikayshun.

  5. Love the Calendar Girls 😉


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