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Ms Piggy’s revenge

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Haha, look at that cereal box!

I am a pig. I eat as much as I possibly can as fast as I can. And no, I never puke.

However, I was getting kinda porky, so my Mom decided to feed me a certain amount and keep me locked up in the bedroom while I eat.

That way the others can take their time without me horning in.

When they are done, I get to RUSH out and see if there are any leftovers. Sometimes those other cats don’t eat all their food right away, so Mom puts it up on top of the fridge.

Ray can get up there and eat it, though, and one day I SAW him! Big whoop. I can do that. So now, no food is safe.

Oinkingly yrs,


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  1. Get em’ Mochy! “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough!”

  2. MOL! You sound like our Ferris. He has to be locked up when he eats too. When the door opens, he rushes out to find any left over morsels.

  3. ummm…watch out about blimping out. Disco knows…


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