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Bald & beautiful

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Hairy keeping Matt Kelley company

There was an article today in The New York Times about a man named Matt Kelley who has an autoimmune disease called alopecia areata.

He’s bald. All over.

Now while us Sphynx cats think being bald is way cool, most humans do not like it,  and so instead of feeling special they feel bad about themselves.

Matt felt bad, for a long time, but he’s feeling better now with a little help from his cat, Hairy. In fact, he’s feeling so much better that:

  1. He’s planning to become a therapist and help other people with similar problems find self acceptance; and
  2. He is adding to his family of hairless critters. We think that is a swell plan.

Good luck Matt! You look great to me.




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  1. Cats are better than humans when it comes to self-acceptance — it just tends to take longer for humans.

  2. theoriginalpsychiceye

    my cats help me embrace what i feel is freakish in me. they are so wise and hip.

  3. well … dis iz reelee nice. an look at me … ritin to u wile mi mom iz in da funshine state.
    dis week wood be a grate one to be hairless. it’z hot, hot, hot!
    luv–yer frend–jh

  4. Bald is beautiful! And handsome!

  5. We wish Matt lots of luck with becoming a therapist to help others! That’s wonderful!

  6. Good on Matt for making lemonade out of them lemons. I hope it all turns out well for him!

  7. hair? seriously……….it can be over rated! : )

  8. Mochy? Where B U?


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