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The city of brotherly love

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Hi Folks,

It’s me, Mochy. I haven’t written in a while because, believe it or not, it’s been too darn hot.

Too hot for me, the heat seeking missile? Me, the duvet diving diva? Yep. Too hot. I just lay around on my back with my legs in the air looking like a polar bear.

Well, luckily it’s cooled off a bit, so now I’m snuggling with my bros. That wonky looking one on the left is RayPod. If he didn’t have curly furs he’d look as weird and wrinkly as moi. Not that he doesn’t look weird. In fact, as someone pointed out, he looks like a big gray pipe cleaner.

The other one, whose head is out of the picture, is Mouse (that’s Truman to you). Truman is very very handsome. And a real gentleman. He has four teeth, allergies, and patches where he’s licked his fur. He’s a bit of a mess. I love him.

Coco is in the other room, talking to herself very loudly. She is a Burmese which explains everything.

Gotta go.

Love, M

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  1. Mochy, your new page background is lovely and so are you.

  2. …duvet diving diva…love the image that brings to mind! Yep, us heat seeking missles are the only ones happy ’bout this heat! Hey, have you heard…there’s another Furrydance kitty living in NYC now…his name is Bosco, and he lives with Bette Blu…who lives in NYC cuz of you guys…yay!

  3. It’s real nice to hear that it’s cooled off enough for you 2 to snuggle comfortably. Snuggling is mighty important to us cats.

  4. I like your new blog design! Mochy, I am not so sure that snuggling with your brothers is the best way to beat the heat. RayPod is a very cool pipecleaner cat.

  5. Mochy……….I’m so glad you are loved, and get to love back! xoxox


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