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Toof, nothing but the toof

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Hi Everybody,
It’s me, Mochy, speaking whiff a bit of a lisp because…..
I had six teef removed! Yep. Six.

Yesterday I went to see my friend Igor at St Marks Vet, and he took out six of my teeth. Then he polished up all the rest. Igor said I was a very very good girl.
I say painkillers make anyone a very very good girl. (My Mom loves her dentist because they give her laughing gas and tell her she is a very very good girl.
Is it the good…or the girl.. part she likes best?)

Anyway. More about me:

I went in early in the morning, Boy, was I starving. I love to eat. But I need my teef to eat. And everyone was so nice to me, I wasn’t even very scairt. Dr. Sally even came in early to make sure I was OK because she knows my Mom is a worry wart.

Mom needn’t have worried. Everything went really well and the next thing I knew,  I was in a taxi going home. Yipee!!!Out of the Sherpa bag!

I ate a nice dinner. Then Mom gave me an antibiotic pill. And I sat on her lap and drooled on her while we watched TV.

Coco and Ray sniffed me.

Mouse gave me a few licks to make sure it was still me. It was. Just me with 6 fewer teef!

This morning I had my pain meds. Another teeny pill. A big breakfast.

Then I rolled around with Mouse in the heated bed. (You can see it in the link below)

I am fine.



I got my ears cleaned too, for free.

Bedfellows from Tracy Young on Vimeo.

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  1. Wow, you had six teeth pulled? That’s a lot! Your Mom will need to put your greenies in a blender.

  2. Mochy, you are so brave! I hate teeths; they cause nothing but problems for everybuddy. I hope your mouth feels all better soon!

  3. Mocha Raton! Minus six teef! (I hope they aren’t your front teef!)

    Just wanted to let you know that your daughter Bianca has gained 1.2 lbs since being spayed last month! She is looking more and more marshmallowish……….

    thought you’d like to know!

    Hope you are feeling well!


    Mary (who set you free!)

  4. Mochy Lochy…………..are you going to post something interesting, soon!? Inquiring minds really want to know!


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