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My life of crime

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The other day, Ray and I just happened to be on the counter, and the cabinet door was left open by mistake, so Ray had this great idea.

Oh my goodness, I said, Mom will whup our butts.

Ray pretended he hadn’t said anything. I decided to take a little peek.

Yum, freeze dried chicken treats! One of my favorites.

But wait, I said, she’s right there, in the other room. What if she catches us?

No problem, said Ray. Coco is on the case.

Coco works for Homeland Security and spent a LOT of time with Dick Cheney, so she is a really good spy.

She also has an angelic face so Mom never gets mad at her.

OK. Quick!


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  1. Uh oh! Busted! Well, we hope you got some treats anyway!

  2. Now we know why Truman is vomiting!!!

  3. I am sure they stashed some treats for him because they are such generous kitties.


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