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Poem Flow

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A Valentine Poem Flow

via Poem Flow.


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Finally, a role model

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This kitty is a spy! She’s in a new movie called The Revenge of Kitty Galore. She dresses in a puppy costume. Is that cool or what?


Why are sphynxes always bad guys?

Love, M

My not so excellent adventure

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Hi folks,

In case you’ve wondered where I was, I have been TORTURED!

That’s right. Not only does my Mom think she needs to give me a bath at LEAST once a week, she likes to poke and prod and primp me between baths. She cuts my claws and scrubs between my toes and squeezes the blackheads on my tail.


The other day, though, she noticed I was starting to look like a raccoon with big pink circles around my eyes.

Plus, I was pawing at my face a lot. So she decided to take me to the vet. IN THE SNOW! (OK, it had stopped already….and it was 50 degrees again…but…but…but still!) Anyway, when Dr. Sally saw me she burst out laughing. I did look like Lady Gaga.

Dr. Sally shined her flashlight in my eyes, and put some yellow gunk in there to see if I had ulcers, but everything was fine. Everything else was fine too. I am a fine specimen, Dr. Sally says.

She thought maybe I was allergic to something. Like my food. NOT. I like all food and food likes me. In fact, I gained about 6 ounces since I was there in October. So she gave me a shot to calm things down and off we went to wait and see.

Then this happened!

OMG! I looked like Lady gaga in that Elton John duet when she’s covered with schmutz!!!!

My poor Mom was freaking out. She didn’t know what to do. She emailed my old Mom in Michigan. And a nice lady with a sphynx blog who gave her a bunch of tips.  Which was good, because it is very hard to find information about us baldies.

Mom started thinking. Trying to remember what had happened. Then she figured out that when she didn’t have time to give me a bath, she thought she would spot clean my face,  and used her eye makeup remover pads!!!!!!!

What a dope! It made me itch!I was not wearing eye makeup! I was just….oily. And after being rubbed with the icky pads, the oil glands on my face started working overtime in self-defense.

But why was it caked on like that?

Well, I like to snooze with my face right up near the radiator like this….

Mom figured out that the oil that spurted out of all the little pores around my eyes got BAKED ON!

Like a glaze. Well, my Mom is dumb about some stuff and smart about other stuff. I mean dumb enough to use the pads and smart enough to figure out what happened.

So she tried to very gently wipe the baked gook off my face with a wash cloth and warm water. She even licked me.


But nothing worked.

Then, a day or so later, she noticed Coco, grooming my face. Lick lick lick. First one eye, then the other. Coco is a terrific eye groomer. She eats Mouse’s goobers all the time. But now she was cleaning me.


COCO IS MY HERO! If you need a visiting nurse, give her a call.