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Monthly Archives: December 2009

This is what hairless looks like

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That’s my shoulder. Freaky, huh?





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Celebrity lookalike

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Today my Mom decided that I look like Meryl Streep.

She was watching this really bad movie on Netflix called Dark Matter, and she¬† was looking at Meryl Streep’s rather red rimmed blue eyes thinking they looked the way my eyes do when I’ve been pawing at them. My gosh, my Mom thought, she looks like Mochy.

First my Mom thought she was overly projecting, but then she looked again and said to herself, well, Mochy has those high high cheekbones too.

Okay, before you think my Mom is off her rails, know that she does realize that we do not look exactly alike in that separated at birth way.

After all, Meryl Streep does NOT have as many wrinkles as I do even though she is not a young woman (and I am).

But we are talking essences here, and my Mom thinks that there is something about her…whiteness…that reminds Mom of me.

She also thinks Ray looks like Patti Smith.



Ray & Mochy (Patti & Meryl)


My boobs are kinda wrinkly too.


Mochy (speaking with a Polish accent)


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Lazy day

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