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Detroit chicken wings!

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Hi Everybody,

Mochy here! Tonight I played a bit of hockey. Ray played with me for a while, but he couldn’t keep up with my moves. Coco was watching from the bedroom, but pretending not to. Mouse  just sat in his heated bed. I guess you could say he was “warming the bench.” Or maybe the bench was warming him.

Check out the game highlights here:

So, what do you do for kicks?

Love, M



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  1. Future center for the NY Rangers. She’s very fast!

  2. Mochy – I play hockey, too! My human has a whole bowl full of bottle caps so she doesn’t have to fish them out from under the furniture. You are a lot faster than I.

    My big game now is listening for creatures in the walls. If they come out, I’ll be waiting for them!

  3. We love to play that game!!

  4. Mochy, you have some good moves! I like to bite.

  5. Mochy,
    It looks like you are the only silly who likes to stick her paw in the toaster!
    Yr BFF

  6. Mochy practiced her moves playing kitten hockey when her babies were our of hand! : )


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