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Ain’t no mountain high enough

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mochy's jump

Here are the numbers:

  • Height of ladder: 6 feet
  • Height of armoire and basket: 8 feet
  • Distance between top of ladder and top of basket: 57 inches.
  • My length, from shoulder to hip: 12 inches.

Do I rock or what?




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  1. My human says you’re giving me ideas. My biggest jump is from the lower tray of the cat tree (~48 inches high) to the back of the recliner. That’s maybe about three feet across. I definitely need to get her to take the stuff off the top of the armoire.

  2. Hattie! Do it! It’s so fun. I must confesss, however, that I was hanging on by a nail at one point, and freaked out the human! So I let her “help” me down. Now I need to get her to make a gangplank between the bookshelves and the baskets.

  3. Logistically impossible………….but I am not surprised Mochy!


  4. Mochy, you’re divine!
    Meanwhile it’s beginning to sound like one of Stanley’s math puzzles.

  5. Mochy, you’re furry impressive!

  6. Hey Mochy, we gave you an award. Go to our blog post today for details. Purrs, your hairy west coast brothers Raymond and Busby


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