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Monthly Archives: November 2009

Giving thanks

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It’s me, Mochy. I’ve been thinking about Thanksgiving which, for me,  means family.

Hmmm…now what does family mean?

It could be literal. For instance, I am a Mom. I know it’s hard to believe, but I have proof.

Here I am with my daughter, Bianca. Don’t we look alike. (She’s the one on the right.)

Bianca has babies too. I’m a grandmother! Eeek. I’m not even four years old. OK.

I have lots of family in Michigan, where I came from. And I have a new (furry) family here in New York.

Ray and Coco and Mouse. And my new Mom!

Friends are family too.

I have family on the Internet, whom I’ve never even met, like Busby and Raymond, Jeter, Daisy and Harley.

I have family who need our prayers, like cute little Vito and his family Grover and Piggy.

And family like Lola, who  left us too soon.

I’m a happy girl. Healthy and cherished.  And for that I’m very grateful.

Peace and love to all of you on this day of thanksgiving.


Detroit chicken wings!

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Hi Everybody,

Mochy here! Tonight I played a bit of hockey. Ray played with me for a while, but he couldn’t keep up with my moves. Coco was watching from the bedroom, but pretending not to. Mouse  just sat in his heated bed. I guess you could say he was “warming the bench.” Or maybe the bench was warming him.

Check out the game highlights here:

So, what do you do for kicks?

Love, M


Lola’s Bridge

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The other day I made an enormous leap from my ladder to the tippy top of the baskets on the armoire. It made my Mom so nervous that she decided to build me a bridge. The bridge will go from the bookshelves, under the transom window, and across to the baskets. She is calling it “Lola’s Bridge.” Lola was our friend who went to the Rainbow Bridge on Monday. She was a beeyootiful 13-year-old Burmese girl. A “senior” cat.

Pffft! Lola was no “senior” cat. Look at Lola climb!

So, Mom is working on my bridge. She just stained the wood. Now she has to sand it. She’ll post some pictures when it’s up.




Vote for Lola in Catster’s World’s Coolest contest!

Ain’t no mountain high enough

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mochy's jump

Here are the numbers:

  • Height of ladder: 6 feet
  • Height of armoire and basket: 8 feet
  • Distance between top of ladder and top of basket: 57 inches.
  • My length, from shoulder to hip: 12 inches.

Do I rock or what?



A comedone by any other name…

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is a blackhead! Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

And that’s what I have on my tail.

Yup. Blackheads. A bunch of ’em.

I don’t think it’s such a HUGE deal, but my Mom is INSANE. She got this for me at the drugstore.

poreIf she thinks I am going to sit around with a zip strip on my tail for 10 minutes at a time, she has another think coming.

Stay tuned.



What did that mean?

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Coco licked me.



Dona Nobis Pacem…

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Um…peace on earth?

I wanted  so bad to join the Blog Blast for Peace, but I just couldn’t understand the instructions.

I do know that for me peace means doing what you know is right. And, if you do something wrong, quickly apologize and move onto the good foot. Like this:

JumpPeace out,