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Yep. That’s how my bath went. I purred and purred while Mom washed me with a big soft mitt and some Cetaphil lotion.

I think she was more scared than I was. Well, she was smart, because she brought in a little bitty bowl of food and gave me a few bites before she plopped me in the tub. I will do ANYTHING for food.

Then I got all snuggly in a big towel with some pretty paw prints on it. Then a rub down with a tiny bit of Neutrogena body oil.

Hey, maybe I could be a spokesmodel! Or work for Allure magazine. I think I use more beauty products than my Mom.

Anyway…Even my toenails got clean! Look how pretty I am! I must smell good too. Mouse was very happy to see me.


Mochy snuggles with Mouse after her bath

Love ,



Ssssh: Don’t tell anyone but I think Ray is gonna have a bath next. At least his feet. They smell like Doritos.


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  1. Sombody(ies) look very happy!!!! 🙂

  2. You look gorgeous, Mochy! I wish I could sniff your freshly cleaned skin… is that a little weird of me?

  3. Mochy you look so pretty! Thats such a cute pic of you an Mouse!

    Purrs & Pounces,

    PS – give everyone hugs for me!!

  4. I don’t think it’s weird. And if Mochy won’t let you, you can smell me Daisy.

  5. Mochy, you look shiny and happy and pink! We bet you smell wonderful. Glad you got your first NY bath. You could be a cover girl!

  6. OMG I love that shot.
    You must smell deeeeelicious Mochy.
    By the way … I left a message for you on your mom’s phone this morning. Did she tell you?
    Love you dahling.
    Auntie Berta

  7. Mocha! I’m so proud of you! And if I could, I would kiss every one of your little toes, one by one!

    When you see Ray run and hide, you know he’s next. Be a good friend and cuddle him afterwards. The furry guys aren’t as prepared to deal with the issue as you. So be kind, as always!


  8. Oh my gosh! You look just like Piggy did as a baby!

  9. Whoops – our post posted before we were ready! Yes, Sphynx take a lot of grooming. Piggy still hates it all. I am so glad that Roy seems to have fallen in love at first sight with you, just like your mamma. Welcome, Mochy!


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