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Greetings Earthlings!

It’s me, Mochy! I am calling you earthlings because people call me an alien. But I do NOT care if anyone thinks I look like Yoda because I know I am beeyootiful. My Mom tells me how pretty I am every day, and everyone who gets to know me understands my unique….well, you get the picture.

Today I went to the V-E-T. I did NOT like riding in a taxi so I made noise like I was being murdered until Mom petted me and made me hush. She told me I would like the bus even less. Then we got out and walked the rest of the way to  St Marks Veterinary Hospital which is in the East Village and very cool.

The people there are so nice. First I met Reina. She took care of Mouse and RayPod and Coco when my Mom went to Caleefornia. She held me on her lap and made all the other techs come over and pet me and see how soft and warm and peach like I am. They also noticed that my tail is like a little rat-tail. New Yorkers are familiar with rats I guess.

mochy and reina

Then I went in  to see Dr. Sally. She was nice too even though she did all sorts of icky things to me which I will NOT enumerate because this is a family site. Icky icky icky. She did however make sure I had a pretty pink towel to sit on while she did the icky.

Then it was over and we had our picture taken together. Sally insisted on taking off her glasses. Humans are weird. I do not wear glasses, but I insisted on keeping on Ray’s sweater which I had worn for the occasion. As I said, this is a family site.

mochy & sally

Please note that Sally is wearing my tail as a bracelet!

Well, that was exciting. So exciting that as soon as I got home I needed a nap. I got in the top bunk with RayPod and Coco. Mouse took the bottom bunk. Cozy.






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  1. Mochy, your vet tech looks like America Ferrera. Tell your Mom she should be hiring a limo to take you to the vet since you don’t like the taxi and she says the bus is worse.

    We’re glad you are getting along well with your brothers and your sister. Come visit us in California where it’s warm and you won’t need a sweater very often.

  2. Well we always travel to the vet by private car (it is after all, LA) and we let out low pitched wails the whole way just to make our family sorry they ever tried to take us there. We think it works cause they haven’t taken us there in months !

  3. We no like to go to the vet, Mochy! Sorry to hear you had Icky things done to you! Aren’t you glad that is all over with!
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Sorry you hadta go to the v-e-t, Mochy…but look at how all those ladies fawned all over you!!

  5. Mochy, I am glad you did not have to endure too much terrible torture at the vet’s office. You look very brave! When I go there, I usually curl into a tiny ball and my paws get all sweaty.

  6. Thank you, friends, for your well wishes. I am fine…and I do like the ladies at the vet office. 🙂

  7. Oh my gosh – such a gorgeous bunch of kitties! So glad you love your vets – very important!


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