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Uh Oh!

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Hi Everybuddy,

It’s me, Mochy!  I have been having so much fun here with my new family, but I have a feeling that something not so fun is about to happen. How do I know? My sixth sense? Maybe. How about this for a hint:

Tonight, my Mom came home with a BIG plastic bag with writing on it. I cannot read so I cannot tell you where it came from, but when she opened it up, out came:


Now what the heck are these? It’s not cold enough for mittens. Okay…the next thing that came out was this:


And these:


towelHoly mackerel, what’s going on here? And what the heck is this thing with the  paw prints on it? It’s soft, I know that. Maybe it’s a new cozy blanket for me to roll up in. It feels good.

And the Q-tips are OK. I like to play with them.

But it could be a ploy….I am suspicious.







I have been hearing rumors of a B-A-T-H but I think Mom is too scared to try and wrassle with me. She is hoping that by getting me all these bee-yoo-tifully packaged products I will forget how much fun it is to roll around in the muck with my new furry friends and opt instead for a ladylike experience at the bee-yoo-ty parlor. AKA the tub. I don’t think so. I am enjoying my freedom much too much.


Wish me luck.

Love, M



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  1. I love those toes!

  2. duhr … wut’z all dat stuff?
    jus wunderin.
    wood u like anudder cat to play wid? i’ll happilee send u dat kitten joba.
    i’ll send him tomorrow … az soon az i get da postije.

  3. Mochy, I bet your other Mom gave you baths every week and you are used to getting them. Maybe you can make your new Mom feel a bit less nervous about the whole thing. In fact, maybe you can surprise her and give HER a spa treatment and show her how easy it is.

  4. Hi Mochy! I’s Victor Tabbycat an I hadded 3 bafs afore I learned to stay out of da messy stuff. I can baf meself cuz I’s covered in fur. Gosh, I hope yur Mom knows what her is doin wif all them products! Mine mom has done eye drops an ear drops on me an Nina. The firstest cat had a baf efurry week fur (ugh) fleas. He didn’t *like* it, but he up-put wif it an felt lots better after. Good luck!
    ~ Victor

  5. Uh oh. I recognize those Q-tips. They make good toys, but sometimes they also poke around in your EARS! Just stay calm, squinch your eyes tightly shut, and it will be over with before you know it.

  6. Good luck wif the NOT getting a baf thing.

  7. Hi new furiend! We read about you on the cb and had to stop in and introduce ourselves, we are the Creek Cats and we are so pleased to meet you! Stop by and see us sometime, we love company!!!

  8. Hi ya, Mochy! All we can say is don’t go down without a fight!!

    Wally, Ernie & Zoey

  9. Pretty girls need pretty, clean feet mochy. That is a rule!


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