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ray and mochy

Hi Everybuddy,

It’s me, Mochy. I know I haven’t written in a few days, but I have been very busy.

First of all, I have discovered the toy chest. I don’t know why she has to put all the GOOD toys at the bottom so I have to DIG them OUT, but there you go.

Then, I have been TRYING my best to make friends. Mouse has been a gentleman, of course; even Coco has been sweet to me. But Ray…well, I can’t figure him out. One minute he acts like he likes me, then next minute he’s pushing me OUT of the bed. Oh well. I am TRYING to be patient.

Maybe he doesn’t think I’m pretty. Well, that is going to change, you watch. Mom talked with a Sphynx breeder at the cat show the other day, and asked her about giving me a B-A-T-H. The woman told my Mom to treat me just like she would her own face. Mom asked whether that meant seeing Dr. Baker about a facelift. HAHA. Very not funny.

But today, when Mom went to see the dermatologist, she got a whole bunch of samples of stuff for sensitive skin. She told her doctor she was bringing them home for ME. The doctor laffed and laffed. (The Doc is a crazy cat lady so she totally got it.) Anyway, now Mom is talking about “Saturday is spa day.”

I wonder what that means exactly? I wonder if it will make Ray love me more. I know he likes girls with wrinkles because he loves his Mom.


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  1. Hi Mochy! A spa day of beauty sounds very excellent. I am sure RayPod thinks you are beautiful.

  2. Thanks, Daisy!
    BTW, my friend Lola is Catster Cat of the Day!

  3. Mochy darling,
    You are GORGEOUS!!! Ray is probably so infatuated with you, he doesn’t know what to do!
    Boys … you just can’t figure ’em out, can you??
    I miss you.
    Have fun at the “spa” tomorrow!
    Love–Auntie Berta

  4. Rey is just trying to be respectful to the memory of his girl Scootie on what would have been her 21st birthday. He’ll be licking your feet in no time, Mochy!

  5. Mochy, make sure your Mom gives you the special raspberry spa treatment. She gave it to me and I loved it.

  6. Are her toes filthy?!


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