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OMC, I had such a busy day yesterday.

Okay, first da Mom of da grate Jeter Harris came over to meet me. She even had her nails done for the occasion.

She thought I was very very cute.

mochy and roberta

Mom’s friend from yoga, Gayle,  came over too. She also thought I was very very cute. But she liked Ray because she is getting a new Cornish Rex kitty.

Okay, then….Mom and da grate Jeter Harris’s Mom went to the Cat Show. They saw some Sphynx cats like me, but they did not like any of them better than me eventhough some of them were very very cute.

They met da grate Smeagol’s Mom.

They met some folks who knew my old Mom in Michigan and said she was a grate person! But I already knew that!

Then they saw the Sphynx in the Marie Antoinette outfit. “Let them eat kibble!” I would kill my Mom if she dressed me up like this.


Well, that’s about all I remember.

Oh…(whispers)… Mouse puked RIGHT IN MOM”S FACE. She was asleep, and he stood on her chest and blllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaph. I love my Mom but I was not about to lick up that mess.

Ciao fer now.

Love, M


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  1. I am totally in awe of that kitteh’s costume!

  2. MOL! Daisy, I knew you would love that dress & you would look so cute in it. This kitty looks like the evil stepsister.

  3. If you wore that dress I would puke

  4. Hello Mochy,
    I still can’t stop talking about meeting you. You’re so special.
    Your mom and I had so much fun at the Cat Show … all the way up to the moment that crazy lady told me I’m KILLING MY CATS.
    Jeter doesn’t think I am.
    Duhr, Darling!
    Love–Auntie Berta

  5. Hey Mochy! Don’t let anyone put a purple dress on you! Never!



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