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My report card!

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Guess what? I have been in my new home one week today!

And guess what else? I got my report card. Here it is.

Did you notice the BIG RED STAR? No, I am not nor have I ever been a member of the Communist Party. But Mom thought that a red star would look better on my (no)coat than a gold one!

I did good, huh? Well, my personal hygiene could improve a bit, but hey! I’m a Sphynx! We are dirt magnets.


I am proud of myself. *pats back* I hope to show you some videos soon too. Gotta nap now.




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  1. The gunk will slow down, over time. You will see! Change will do it.

  2. Good for you, Mochy, an excellent report card.

  3. You should be proud, Mochy! Good girl!! (I know a thing or two about being a good girl, and you’re a good girl.)

    Mochy, just let Mouse lick lick lick you clean. Then you will have perfect marks on your report card.

  4. theoriginalpsychiceye

    Good goin, Moochy. It sounds like you like your new home. Sounds like the others have been really welcoming. You are a lucky and a very cute kittie.

  5. Mochy is used to being the licker as she was an excellent mommy at her old house. Her buddies are glad she got to bust out to her forever home! : )

  6. I like to lick my Mommy.

  7. Awww. She’s gone from NM to New Mom to Mom to Mommy. She (NM) has made progress!


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