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Hi Everybuddy,

Mochy here! I am very busy today. My New Mom had dental surgery this morning, and when she came home she needed LOTS of TLC. So, I walked on her face, which should reduce the swelling, and stuck my butt  in the air right near her nose, just in case she was still feeling woozy. Then I marched all over the keyboard so she wouldn’t hurt her eyes from too much typing. Aren’t I a good nurse?

I love my New Mom. At night I sleep on her shoulder and purr. She says I sound like a dove or a pigeon. Isn’t she silly?

Oh, I have been out in the living room and in he kitchen too. I ate some string. Anyway, more later. Mom needs another Mocha Latte.


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  1. Mochy, you picked up all the important nursing skills very quickly!

  2. Mochy, Rita and I so enjoy reading about your adventures. Please tell mom you need your own mac so you can blog all night long. (Oh, and please give mom my regards. would love to meet up sometime for some crazy cat lady bonding.)


  3. Mochy loves to love!


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