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I flew on an aeroplane!

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spiritHi everybuddy,

It’s me Mochy! I flew all the way from Dee-troit to New York City on a big aeroplane! That’s me, in my carrier, under my new Mom’s seat.

I didn’t think I was going to like this flying thing. Look at me at the airport! I am making a tiny noise from inside my nice new Sherpa bag.


Hrrrmp. I am a big girl…and that is a small bag. Maybe Eileen Fisher makes a bag that would fit me?

Anway…when my new Mom took me out of the bag to go through the big metal doorway machine, everyone in the very long line of passengers gasped! It sounded like airbrakes on a big truck. What? They never saw a pink hairless kitty and a bright blue harness before?

My new Mom (NM) let the security guard touch me. She thought maybe we would get a free soda of something. She was wrong. Spirit Airlnes is bare bones. Good for me, though. The bare part.

So off we went….into the sky…I was not very scared at all. I slept most of the way. But when we landed, and got into that taxi, we went over so many bumps on the LIE that I peed in my carrier.

Boy, was I…mad. So I howled a few times, just to let NM know I am not a goody goody girl.

Finally we got to Greenwich Village. Now I have tried out a heated bed, a tent, and Ray’s love sack. But I think that for the time being I am going to stay right here, on an old shopping bag filled with laptop boxes, under NM’s bed.

I will tell you more after I’ve had a nap.




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  1. Awww, have a good nap, Mochy. You had quite a day.

  2. Hey NM you did it, what a day! And that bag with the laptop boxes must be pretty squishy in there, welcome to Greenwich village Mocha, don’t let anyone mistake you for their morning Joe! There is a party at your door waiting to play!

  3. See, Mochy, what those security people at the big metal door didn’t realize is that we cats have our own weapon of mass destruction: our pee! I’m sorry that you had to use it in a place where you couldn’t run away.

    Rest up and relax. Everyone is glad you are in New York!

  4. Mochy, sorry the cab ride made you pee. I peed on the human’s bed last night. Sometimes it’s interesting to pee somewhere other than the cat box. Purrs!

  5. Hey … what the heck … I pee all over the place. It’s great. I can’t understand why anyone makes comments about the smell. Smells fine to me. Continue to pee Mochy!

  6. I peed in the bed this morning, sleeping all warm and snugged up next to my mom. She must have squeezed it out of me when she put her arm around me. I’m pretty sure it was her fault.

    I love helping to make the bed, especially changing the sheets, so it was a good day! Did you have a good day today, Mochy?


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