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Hi Everybody,

My name is Mocha. I am moving to New York! What do I bring? More important, what do I wear?

As you can plainly see, I am pretty much a nudist.

Oh, do you think I should shave my nose hairs?




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  1. Welcome to new york Mocha! (what’s mochi, plural of mocha?)

    Anyway, bring layers, or get your lovely host to get you some, that’s my advice. I think you will be having quite a wonderful time, party all day, and night. Maybe bring some presents for your hosts little one’s, they might be jealous of the new kid in town. Don’t forget the hat, scarves and gloves…

    Welcome! and Bon Voyage!

  2. Hi Mo. Congratulations on your new life in NYC. Don’t be scared when your new Mom laughs, she makes snorting noises. Eventually you will get used to it. Maybe you can convince her to move you and your new sibs to California where nudie cats can stay warmer.

  3. You’ll do just fine at Fashion Week, where people protest those who wear fur! Welcome to New York. You’ll love your new siblings and Mom!

  4. Nice to meetcha, Mocha! You sure are a beauty. Welcome to your new home. I know you are going to have a blast!

  5. I’ve been waiting to meet you, Mocha! I pulled some of my furs out so I can be more like you. Now I gotta work on growing my ears. My goodness, you’re a pretty girl. You’re going to love your new home.


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