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Yep. That’s how my bath went. I purred and purred while Mom washed me with a big soft mitt and some Cetaphil lotion.

I think she was more scared than I was. Well, she was smart, because she brought in a little bitty bowl of food and gave me a few bites before she plopped me in the tub. I will do ANYTHING for food.

Then I got all snuggly in a big towel with some pretty paw prints on it. Then a rub down with a tiny bit of Neutrogena body oil.

Hey, maybe I could be a spokesmodel! Or work for Allure magazine. I think I use more beauty products than my Mom.

Anyway…Even my toenails got clean! Look how pretty I am! I must smell good too. Mouse was very happy to see me.


Mochy snuggles with Mouse after her bath

Love ,



Ssssh: Don’t tell anyone but I think Ray is gonna have a bath next. At least his feet. They smell like Doritos.


The V-E-T

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Greetings Earthlings!

It’s me, Mochy! I am calling you earthlings because people call me an alien. But I do NOT care if anyone thinks I look like Yoda because I know I am beeyootiful. My Mom tells me how pretty I am every day, and everyone who gets to know me understands my unique….well, you get the picture.

Today I went to the V-E-T. I did NOT like riding in a taxi so I made noise like I was being murdered until Mom petted me and made me hush. She told me I would like the bus even less. Then we got out and walked the rest of the way to  St Marks Veterinary Hospital which is in the East Village and very cool.

The people there are so nice. First I met Reina. She took care of Mouse and RayPod and Coco when my Mom went to Caleefornia. She held me on her lap and made all the other techs come over and pet me and see how soft and warm and peach like I am. They also noticed that my tail is like a little rat-tail. New Yorkers are familiar with rats I guess.

mochy and reina

Then I went in  to see Dr. Sally. She was nice too even though she did all sorts of icky things to me which I will NOT enumerate because this is a family site. Icky icky icky. She did however make sure I had a pretty pink towel to sit on while she did the icky.

Then it was over and we had our picture taken together. Sally insisted on taking off her glasses. Humans are weird. I do not wear glasses, but I insisted on keeping on Ray’s sweater which I had worn for the occasion. As I said, this is a family site.

mochy & sally

Please note that Sally is wearing my tail as a bracelet!

Well, that was exciting. So exciting that as soon as I got home I needed a nap. I got in the top bunk with RayPod and Coco. Mouse took the bottom bunk. Cozy.





Uh Oh!

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Hi Everybuddy,

It’s me, Mochy!  I have been having so much fun here with my new family, but I have a feeling that something not so fun is about to happen. How do I know? My sixth sense? Maybe. How about this for a hint:

Tonight, my Mom came home with a BIG plastic bag with writing on it. I cannot read so I cannot tell you where it came from, but when she opened it up, out came:


Now what the heck are these? It’s not cold enough for mittens. Okay…the next thing that came out was this:


And these:


towelHoly mackerel, what’s going on here? And what the heck is this thing with the  paw prints on it? It’s soft, I know that. Maybe it’s a new cozy blanket for me to roll up in. It feels good.

And the Q-tips are OK. I like to play with them.

But it could be a ploy….I am suspicious.







I have been hearing rumors of a B-A-T-H but I think Mom is too scared to try and wrassle with me. She is hoping that by getting me all these bee-yoo-tifully packaged products I will forget how much fun it is to roll around in the muck with my new furry friends and opt instead for a ladylike experience at the bee-yoo-ty parlor. AKA the tub. I don’t think so. I am enjoying my freedom much too much.


Wish me luck.

Love, M


Beauty & the Beast

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ray and mochy

Hi Everybuddy,

It’s me, Mochy. I know I haven’t written in a few days, but I have been very busy.

First of all, I have discovered the toy chest. I don’t know why she has to put all the GOOD toys at the bottom so I have to DIG them OUT, but there you go.

Then, I have been TRYING my best to make friends. Mouse has been a gentleman, of course; even Coco has been sweet to me. But Ray…well, I can’t figure him out. One minute he acts like he likes me, then next minute he’s pushing me OUT of the bed. Oh well. I am TRYING to be patient.

Maybe he doesn’t think I’m pretty. Well, that is going to change, you watch. Mom talked with a Sphynx breeder at the cat show the other day, and asked her about giving me a B-A-T-H. The woman told my Mom to treat me just like she would her own face. Mom asked whether that meant seeing Dr. Baker about a facelift. HAHA. Very not funny.

But today, when Mom went to see the dermatologist, she got a whole bunch of samples of stuff for sensitive skin. She told her doctor she was bringing them home for ME. The doctor laffed and laffed. (The Doc is a crazy cat lady so she totally got it.) Anyway, now Mom is talking about “Saturday is spa day.”

I wonder what that means exactly? I wonder if it will make Ray love me more. I know he likes girls with wrinkles because he loves his Mom.


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OMC, I had such a busy day yesterday.

Okay, first da Mom of da grate Jeter Harris came over to meet me. She even had her nails done for the occasion.

She thought I was very very cute.

mochy and roberta

Mom’s friend from yoga, Gayle,  came over too. She also thought I was very very cute. But she liked Ray because she is getting a new Cornish Rex kitty.

Okay, then….Mom and da grate Jeter Harris’s Mom went to the Cat Show. They saw some Sphynx cats like me, but they did not like any of them better than me eventhough some of them were very very cute.

They met da grate Smeagol’s Mom.

They met some folks who knew my old Mom in Michigan and said she was a grate person! But I already knew that!

Then they saw the Sphynx in the Marie Antoinette outfit. “Let them eat kibble!” I would kill my Mom if she dressed me up like this.


Well, that’s about all I remember.

Oh…(whispers)… Mouse puked RIGHT IN MOM”S FACE. She was asleep, and he stood on her chest and blllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaph. I love my Mom but I was not about to lick up that mess.

Ciao fer now.

Love, M

My report card!

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Guess what? I have been in my new home one week today!

And guess what else? I got my report card. Here it is.

Did you notice the BIG RED STAR? No, I am not nor have I ever been a member of the Communist Party. But Mom thought that a red star would look better on my (no)coat than a gold one!

I did good, huh? Well, my personal hygiene could improve a bit, but hey! I’m a Sphynx! We are dirt magnets.


I am proud of myself. *pats back* I hope to show you some videos soon too. Gotta nap now.




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Guess what? I am entering a contest.

My friend Daisy the Curlycat posted about this cool Halloween contest that’s sponsored by Good Housekeeping.

We don’t know nothin’ about good housekeeping, much less sewing costumes, so New Mom thought I should go as Lady Godiva.

I agreed. I think simple understatement is always appropriate, even at Halloween.


So, vote for us. And vote for Daisy, too. She’s a pumpkin! Plus, her Mom is much better at housekeeping. Look at those nice clean kitchen floors!